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Patrick Cote (pronounced ĎCoatayí) was born in Rimouski, Quebec, on February 29, 1980. And although Patrick may usually only get to celebrate his birthday one year in four, he hopes to be partying big time on Friday, October 22, at UFC 50: The War of í04.

Cote commenced training in a self-defense system when he took up boxing whilst in the Canadian Army. He then incorporated kickboxing and wrestling into his repertoire before taking up BJJ under Fabio Holanda.

For UFC 50, Patrick will be representing the Team Union stable of fighters, which includes Phillipe Lagace, Frederic Poirier and Francois Flibotte. Cote says he has been preparing since July for his Octagon debut, with Georges St. Pierre and Fabio Holanda being two of his training partners.

"I'm ready" - Patrick Cote

At 5í11" and weighing in at 205 lbs, Cote has a Mixed Martial Arts record of 5-0-0, with three wins by knockout and one by submission. He is eager to add more notches to his belt, and former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz will be his next opponent.

"I train with Team Union now, and my disciplines include wrestling, BJJ and boxing. I was in the army until last year, but now I train full time. My first bout was four years ago when I started in the amateur ranks, and I turned pro maybe two years ago. Since I turned pro Iíve won all my fights.

"I met Georges St. Pierre through the TKO Federation, and weíve become friends - training together sometimes.

"Most of my fights have been won by knockout with my big right hand, but Iíve also won by submission. I fought my first match in pankration, but in Canada itís called Amateur Rank Pankration."

Lionís Den veteran Guy Mezger was scheduled to fight Tito Ortiz in the main event at UFC 50. However, due to an injury whilst training, Guy was replaced by Cote.

Patrick was originally billed to be fighting Marvin Eastman for The War of í04, but now he is half of that war. Although only receiving one weekís notice of the card change, Cote is pleased to have been upgraded for the night.

"Itís good to be fighting Tito instead of Marvin because itís like the same fighter. Both are wrestlers, but Marvin has trained a lot to develop his Muay-Thai skills. The mental preparation is the same, so my training doesnít change, because they have similar styles."

Patrick Cote happy to fight Tito

Patrick, not only are you making your UFC debut on October 22, but youíre also fighting in the main event.

:"Yeah, itís great, eh?"

So youíre happy to be fighting Tito?

"Oh yeah. Iím very happy to be fighting Tito. Itís a very good opportunity for me."

Tito is renowned for his high fitness levels. How is your fitness for the fight?

"Oh, man, Iím in great shape, you know. My fitness is very good. I have a great cardio, and Iím ready to fight all three rounds."

What are your strengths?

"Iím an excellent boxer and a powerful puncher. But Iím great on the ground too. My team is a BJJ team. We train a lot in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so Iím able to submit him too. And I work a lot on my wrestling also. So Iím ready."

Will Tito try to take you down to groundínípound you?

"I think so. But that doesnít worry me, because if he wants to go on the ground, I have a little surprise for him."

Will your fight with Tito be the upset of the night?

"Oh yeah. For sure."

How will you win the fight?

"Ah, I donít know. Like I said, I can knock him out, and I can submit him. I just want to take control of the fight."

Patrick, is there anything youíd like to add to this article?

"Just that Iím going to the UFC to shock the world. Donít blink, Ďcause Tito is going down."

Patrick Cote displays his KO fists. 

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