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At 5í10" and 170 lbs, welterweight Georges St. Pierre is causing tidal waves in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. After stepping in the deep end and debuting at UFC 46, Georges went on to defeat judo champion Karo Parisyan.

Born May 19, 1981, in Montreal, Canada, Georges took up Kyokushin Karate at age seven because an older student at school was bullying him. "I started martial arts to defend myself. When my Kyokushin teacher died, I took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. At present I do BJJ, wrestling and English boxing. I love boxing," says St. Pierre.

Georges says fighting in the Octagon was like a dream come true, and that he had always told himself he would one day compete at the UFC. Prior to his bout against Karo Parisyan, St. Pierre stated, "UFC is the best organization. They have the best fighters from all around the world. For me, it is a great honour to be invited to fight here."

And facing Karo Parisyan was no easy initiation into the Octagon for Georges. With Karoís MMA record of 18-2-0, St. Pierre realized he would have his work cut out for him. "Karoís a true warrior and he gave me the toughest fight I ever had. I respect him a lot, because he almost got me two times with his arm bar, but I was able to get out. It was close, to be honest."

Not all of St. Pierreís fights have been in the ring. Georges has worked as a bouncer in Montreal clubs to make ends meet, but with his success in the Octagon and the popularity of his seminars, he has chosen to leave the club work behind him.

"I told my boss I cannot continue that job because now I do seminars and I have enough money to live. MMA has become a full-time job for me, so I will stop the bouncing work. I gave my boss two weeks notice to find somebody else, and he understood my situation."

Despite his success in various fighting tournaments, such as UFC and Canadaís TKO submission fighting, Georgesís reputation did not make him a target for troublemakers wanting to challenge the MMA star while he worked the Quebec clubs. He believes his attitude towards patrons was his best weapon for diffusing potential conflicts.

"I never had a problem with that because Iím a very respectful guy. When I had to take somebody out, I didnít use my strength, I just talked to the guys. For example, I remember one night a guy was making trouble in the club and I said to him, ĎCome with me, thereís too much noise inside and I want to talk to you.í So when he came outside with me, I told the doorman not to let the guy come back in. In situations like that I donít use physical strength. Maybe the guy was pissed, because he said, ĎYouíre f**king scared to take me out.í I said, ĎNo, man, Iím just a bright guy.í

"I donít care. I never had problems with guys while bouncing. Some people know me and when they do know who I am, they respect me and I respect them. One person came up to me and said, ĎHey, I heard you are a fighter. Hey, me too. When I was young I did kung fu. What do I have to do to do this job?í I saw the guy had a beer in one hand and he smoked weed. So I said to the guy, ĎFirst you have to stop drinking and then stop smoking.í But itís a very funny world, and as an athlete itís not good for me to be working in clubs."

Randy Couture is an inspiration to Georges, but not because of his victories in UFC and wrestling. St. Pierre says he admires the way Couture comes back from losing fights and has the willpower and self-discipline to turn things around.

"Even when Randy lost two fights in a row, he was still my inspiration, because he came back and he beat Chuck Liddell and he beat Tito Ortiz and he became the champion. Some people are inspired only when a fighter is the champion. Not me. Even if he loses ten matches, he will still be my inspiration because he is a true warrior. He has a lot of courage and to do what he did Ė come back from two losses Ė you have to be a true champion: physically and mentally."

In early March, 2004, Georges competed in a Quebec submission-wrestling tournament under the same rules as Adu Dhabi, and came away with first place in the no-gi event and second place in the gi event.

St. Pierre has won many of his fights in the first round by submission. Although he has a reputation for outstanding groundwork, he is also a very capable stand-up striker. During their battle in the Octagon, Karo tested Georges for any weaknesses in his armour: both on the canvas and standing.

"Karo forced me to use my striking and wrestling abilities and to use my submission defences. Iím pretty good at stand-up, but nobody else forced me to do it. Karo had an unusual style, because when I went in to shoot him he didnít sprawl at all. And itís the first time Iíve gone to shoot somebody and they havenít sprawled. He went for the kimura straight away, so he surprised me a lot with that technique. I was not prepared for it. But I used my strength and my Jiu Jitsu to get out of his submissions. Like I said, Karo is an unusual fighter and itís very rare you fight a guy like that."

Georges says he did look at Karoís fight against Dave Strasser in UFC 44, which gave him a bit of an idea of Parisyanís skills, but because he feels Karo is improving with every fight, St. Pierre didnít rely too much on studying the video.

The same principle applies to Georges improving with every fight: particularly the one against Parisyan, which he regards as his toughest so far. "That fight made me better. Itís the first time Iíve gone to a decision. And now Iím pretty confident, because I was wondering if my stamina would be good enough in a fight that went the distance. Now Iím mentally stronger than ever, because now I know my stamina is very good. And when I fought Karo, I was ready to go two more rounds against him. I was ready to fight five rounds. Thatís made me pretty confident and better than ever."

Outside of competition, Georges St. Pierre usually weighs in at 185 lbs and cuts back to 170 lbs to make the welterweight division Ė something he has no trouble doing. But for UFC 46, Georges relied on scales that proved to be inaccurate and left him drained.

"The scales I used were not accurate, and I went down to 167. Normally I only go down to 170, so thatís why I was very weak: I lost too much weight. But next time I will know from experience not to let it happen again. I will use the official scales to check my weight. And next time I will cut more easily because I wonít give up so much weight.

"I never normally have a problem making the weight. I have a good diet, and one week before a competition I go on a diet and I start to lose my carbs. Maybe one day before the weigh-in I might have to lose three pounds, but thatís very easy for me. And I feel good like that."

Georges is dedicated to his sport of mixed martial arts and he is always striving to become a better athlete. To improve his boxing skills, Georges seeks out better boxers than he is to spar with. He trains with Olympic wrestlers who are better wrestlers than he is. And the day after this interview, in order to improve his Jiu Jitsu skills, Georges will fly to New York and train with Renzo Gracieís BJJ team. "Like I say, I get my arse kicked every day in the gym, so thatís why Iím getting better."

On June 19, 2004, Georges St. Pierre will return to the Octagon for UFC 48 in a bout against Jason Miller. This will be Millerís first fight as a welterweight after dropping down from middleweight division.

Georges St. Pierreís Predictions for UFC 47: Itís On!

Tito Ortiz v Chuck Liddell: "Oh my God, I think Ortiz will win this one by groundínípound. But I donít know which round," laughs Georges.

Tim Sylvia v Andrei Arlovski: "I think Andrei Arlovski will knock out Tim Sylvia." In the background Georgesís manager Stephane Patry calls out, "What?" "Yeah, Yeah," says Georges. "Knock out or submission, but I think Andrei Arlovski will win this one. Andrei is very dangerous. Heís a great submission guy and a very good striker. I think he will be the best striker Tim has ever fought, so thatís why Andrei will win this one," says Georges.

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 Part 2
"Iím Excited!"
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On Friday, October 22, Georges St. Pierre will be facing MMA legend Matt Hughes for the UFC World Welterweight title. But rather than feeling overawed heading into the UFC 50: The War of Ď04, Georges is bubbling with excitement.

"Yes, Iím excited. Itís a big opportunity for me and itís the most important fight of my career. If I win, I will become the UFC World Welterweight Champion. Iím going to live with my sport for sure - maybe not for the rest of my life, but Iím going to live my dream," says St. Pierre.

Georges made his Octagon debut at UFC 46: Super Natural, by defeating Karo Parisyan. He further impressed MMA fans with a victory over Jay Hieron at UFC 48: PayBack. The jovial Canadianís success and personality have rapidly gained him popularity with UFC fans, although St. Pierre has remained humble, but determined.

"Itís good for me because if I win the title, Iím going to have more sponsors and more credibility in the sport. At the moment a lot of people in America and Japan donít know me. If I win, people around the world will know me and it will be great for me."

At PayBack, St.Pierre defeated Hieron by knockout at 1.45 into the first round (see review of UFC 48), after keeping the fight toe-to-toe and denying the wrestler any opportunity of taking it to the canvas.

"I was very happy with my fight against Jay Hieron. I didnít expect a short fight. I trained really hard for 3 five-minute rounds, and when I knocked him out so early, I was very surprised. But you know, the harder you train, the easier the fight is going to be."

Also on the UFC 48 card was Matt Hughes vs Renato Verissimo. And Georges got to see the bout, and make some observations of Hughesís game.

"I think Matt almost got caught by a submission in the first round. But Matt and I are two very different fighters: I have no set style. I can win by stand-up striking, by submission or by groundínípound. Matt Hughes, he only has one style of fighting. Most of the time he likes to put his opponent down, and he likes to win by groundínípound or submission. So I know what he is going to try to do with me.

"Him - the thing is, he doesnít know what I am going to try to do. He doesnít know if Iím going to try to put him down or stand up with him. For me there is no big surprise, but for him there is. He may want me to believe he is going to stand up and trade, but I know he is going to want to put me down and keep me on the bottom with my head against the fence. He always fights the same way."

St. Pierre believes Hughes will want to take him down because he feels his striking game is superior to Mattís. But he says if Matt does elect to stand up with him, he wonít worry.

"I think my striking will be faster, more powerful, and I will have more reach than Matt. I think he will want to come inside with me. But weíve never fought together, and Iím going to find out in the ring. Thatís what I expect, and if he changes his fighting style, Iím ready for anything.

"If I fight a very good striker Ė like when I fought Pete Spratt, I put him down straight away, and I choked him out. And when I fought Jay Hieron, I knew he was a good wrestler, and he trained jiu jitsu with the Gracies, so I kept the fight standing, because I knew it would be a war on the ground. So Iím going to try to use Matt Hughesís weaknesses against him."

Hughes is regarded as being an extremely strong welterweight, and Matt was able to escape many of Verissimoís submission attempts by employing his amazing strength. But St. Pierre is also known for his power and could be the strongest welterweight Hughes has faced in the Octagon. Georges shares this opinion.

"I think so, yes. I donít know how strong Sherk or Frank Trigg is, but one thing is for sure: Iím very strong. And probably Ė probably, because I donít know for sure Ė I will be the strongest guy he has met. And according to me, itís not going to be about power. He is not going to be able to overpower me. He is going to have to use proper technique if he is going to beat me."

Being a title fight, the bout is set for 5 five-minute rounds. But Georges is also undaunted by the prospect of it going the distance, saying his match fitness is ready for whatever it takes to win.

"You know, I just finished training and Iím on the highway driving home. You can ask my partner, David "The Crow" Loiseau, who is sitting on my right, how my fitness is. I just finished six rounds with him, and my cardio is unbelievable. Iím in tremendous shape for this fight. Iíve never been in shape like this for a fight."

After the bout with Hieron, St. Pierre announced from the Octagon that he had been training for that fight with "The Crow".

"David and I train every week together. He just defeated Curtis Stout at TKO 17, and he came to training with me today to coach me. He made me do Thai pads and stuff like that, but heís a very close friend and we help each other. Iím also training at the Montreal wrestling club, the boxing club and with Patrick Cote, who will be fighting Marvin Eastman at UFC 50."

Do you expect your fight to go the five rounds?

"I canít say if it will go the distance. When youíre looking for the knockout or a submission, it never happens. Like when I fought Parisyan, I thought I was going to win by knockout, and I won by decision. Last time I fought, I thought it would go the distance and I won by knockout. But the thing is, Iím going to fight technical. And if I find the opportunity to knock him out, Iím going to take it. But Iím not going to rush and go crazy to knock him out."

So youíre going to drop "Rush" from your name and be Georges "Patience" St. Pierre?

"My new nickname. But the thing is, you never know what is going to happen in a fight, and when somebody makes a mistake, you should capitalize on it. Matt is going to have to fight very well, because if he makes one mistake, I am going to beat him. And I think thatís whatís going to happen."

St. Pierre knows Hughes will probably try to unnerve him in the Octagon before the fight, as this is Georgesís first UFC title bout, but he says Matt wonít intimidate him. And Georges believes his positive outlook on life is one of his strongest attributes.

"He can do what he likes. Iíve already fought scarier guys. This kind of thing doesnít play on my mind at all. I donít scare. If he tries to intimidate me or not, thatís not going to change anything in the fight. Before a fight I donít look at my opponents. I just want to fight. And if he wants to play that game, and itís good for him, for me thatís not going to change anything. And it wonít be the first time a guyís tried to intimidate me. A lot of people have tried to play with my mind, and it doesnít work."

Georges, how do you build your strength?

"I do powerlifting and pliometrics training three times a week. I train really hard, you know. I have a very good trainer. My trainer in weight training was the Canadian powerlifting champion. Heís a very strong guy, and heís taught me a lot of good stuff. I do squats, bench press, and so many exercises - but not always the same things Ė and pliometrics."

You are very good at predicting fights. Who are you picking for the Ortiz vs Mezger match?

"I think Tito is going to win by groundínípound."

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 Part 3
Ready to Bat On
Georges St. Pierre vs Matt Huges UFC 50
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Two days after losing his challenge for the UFC World Welterweight title against Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre was back in training. And rather than licking his wounds from UFC 50, the very determined French Canadian was squeezing out sparks in the gym Ė looking for ways to improve his skills.

"I was happy with my performance, but Iíd like to change the last five seconds of the round. One of the judges told me I was ahead up until that point, when I made a mistake. One of my corner men said there were 10 seconds to go, and I went for a kimura. But I forgot to lock my legs in the half-guard position. So Matt Hughes seized the opportunity, spun around, and applied a straight armbar on me."

Georges denies there was any mistake on his part regarding his thinking the round was already over, and wishes heíd been able to hang in there for the remaining seconds of round one. He also says he was overcome by all the negative comments regarding his prospects in the days leading up to the match.

"A lot of people approached me before the fight and they asked, ĎHow long are you going to survive in there?í Whether you like it or not, those things play on your mind. Consequently, I didnít sleep for two days prior to the fight because I was very, very nervous. I had no fun before the match, you know. All the other bouts I had fun hanging out with my friends. But for this fight I thought I would be killed. I was confident until I arrived in Atlantic City and people were telling me that.

"You know, I was very intimidated in the beginning, and I expected Matt to be stronger. But I surprised myself, because I didnít realize how strong I was in comparison. He was never able to overpower me. And when he had me in the clinch, he put me down and I was able to get back up. It surprised me. I thought, ĎWow. This is Matt Hughes Ė the strongest guy in the business, and I was able to get back on my feet.í If I fight him again, Iím going to be a lot more confident."

Georges says he was satisfied with his cardio level in the fight as well as his strength. "Oh, of course. I could do 10 rounds like that. I know one thing for certain: Matt was tired, because I did a back-kick on his stomach. After that I heard him breathing through his mouth. And when a guy breathes through his mouth, it means heís tired. And me, I was not tired at all. The thing is, I just made a mistake that cost me the fight. But without the mistake, it would have continued, and I think I would have won the fight.

"The thing is, I lost this time, but next time I will be stronger because the problem was in my mind. Now Iím a lot more confident, and I know how good I am. I know I can beat Matt Hughes if I have to fight him again, and Iím not going to be afraid of anybody, because I fought the best welterweight on the planet."

Itís this perpetual positive thinking Ė his ability to dust himself off and regroup, that helps to make St. Pierre an exceptional warrior of the Octagon. At twenty-three, Georges appears to have the MMA world at his feet.

"Itís a loss for me on paper, but I think itís a win if you look at it, because I think before you can learn to become a champion, you have to learn to lose. Every champion loses in this sport. Itís not like boxing where you can stay undefeated. Everyone has lost, even Matt Hughes and Randy Couture. And I think itís just a part of this game. You can recognize a champion, not by how he wins, but by how he stands up after a loss."

Georges St. Pierre fires a kick at Matt Hughes

Georges, what did David Loiseau and Stephane Patry say to you after the match?

"They said they were very proud of me and that I just made a mistake, but for me not to worry because next time I will be the champ."

Did you talk to Matt Hughes after the fight?

"Yes. He said heíd prefer to fight me now than in one year. He said, ĎKeep your head up, Kid; your day will come.í He is a great gentleman. I was very disappointed, but when he said that to me, it made me feel good. John Hackleman and Chuck Liddell called me and John said, ĎYou will be champion one day. Keep your head up.í Since the fight, Iíve had only positive comments."

Frank Trigg said you really surprised him and up until the last seconds you were winning the fight.

"Are you serious?"


"Oh, that Frank Trigg is a nice guy. Iím glad he said that."

What did you think of Patrick Coteís match against Tito Ortiz?

"First of all, Patrick knew his only chance was to do well on his feet. I think he had nothing to lose and thatís why he took the fight. I think that Patrick is a remarkable striker, but everybody knew that Tito was better on the ground. And he had a lot more experience, because Patrick had only fought Canadian guys. He had never been in international events. But he didnít get submitted and he lasted until the decision, so itís going to help him. Like me, itís a loss on paper, but itís a win for him. I think weíre both going to come back stronger next time."

It looks like Frank Trigg will be fighting Matt Hughes at UFC 52. Do you expect to fight the winner of that bout?

"I hope so. I hope so."

Georges, is there anything youíd like to add to this article?

"Iíd like to thank my fans and my sponsor, World Contact Fighter, my manager, Stephane Patry, and all my trainers and teammates who helped prepare me for that fight."

Georges St. Pierre and Matt Hughes take it to the canvas

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 Part 4
"Iím Ready to Rock"

Georges St. Pierre at UFC 50

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 Iím in the best shape of my life, and I canít wait to get back into the Octagon. Iím ready to rock now," says Georges ĎThe Rushí St. Pierre.

The good-natured Georges has just finished training in Quebec City and is driving home to Montreal. Always a positive thinker, the happiness in St. Pierreís voice beams through the phone as he talks about his upcoming fight against Jason Miller at UFC 52 in a weekís time.

Georges says he can see the similarity drawn between his previous bout with Matt Hughes, and David Terrellís match against Evan Tanner: "Exactly. It was the same thing as my fight with Hughes. I think Terrell had more tools than Tanner, but when experience comes into play, itís a big factor in a fight.

"Iím sure if Terrell continues to progress at the rate he is doing right now, if he has a rematch with Tanner in a yearís time, he will beat Evan. I donít think he lost because Tanner was better, I think he lost because Tanner had more experience. Thatís what happened to me against Hughes."

Georges believes that in order to become a great champion, one has to learn through adversity. And competing against champions such as Evan and Matt is an invaluable learning curve for any up-and-coming fighter.

"I hope David has the opportunity to fight Evan again, and I hope I get a chance against Matt again. When he beat me the first time, it was fair and square Ė I have no excuses Ė but as I said, I would like to have my revenge against Hughes as soon as possible. Ever since my loss, I grew up so much with the mental side of the game, and now Iím more confident than ever."

For St. Pierreís clash with Jason Miller, Georges expects Jason to come at him with a rush (pardon the pun, Georges), and try to win by overpowering him. "I think Jason is going to come at me and try to knock me out with big shots. Or if he has the opportunity, I think he will try to take me down and work his submissions. I donít think he will want to stand with me.

"For sure he will try to land some big shots to knock me out initially, because he is a wild striker, but I donít think he will want to stand with me and exchange strikes. Iím sure his game plan is to take me down and work a submission from the top. Not groundínípound so much as a very fast submission. I know heís very good with leg locks and triangle chokes, so Iím going to be very aware of that."

St.Pierre vs Hieron UFC 48

Georges, who are you picking out of Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg at UFC 52?

"Itís a hard choice, but if I had to choose, Iíd say Hughes. Trigg is very hungry right now, but I hope Hughes wins because Iíd like to have a rematch with him. If Trigg is the better man, that doesnít matter: Iíd like to fight him too. But as a proud athlete, Iíd like to fight Hughes for sure, because he beat me and so for revenge."

Have you made many changes to your training since your last fight?

"No. No. I havenít changed anything. The only thing that has changed is Iím stronger mentally. And I think that is 50% of the fight."

How are you going to win your fight against Jason Miller?

"My God. I donít want to predict the outcome, because sometimes when you make a prediction, often it never happens. But I will be going there to do three rounds of 5 minutes, and if I have the chance to knock him out or submit him, I will take it. However, like I said, I will be prepared for three rounds of 5 minutes."

Georges, you are always so happy and positive. Why is that?

"Because I consider myself to be lucky. I am healthy, and there are a lot of people less fortunate than I am. I also try to surround myself with other positive people."

Is there anything youíd like to add?

"Iíd like to thank the fans who come to support me."

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Georges St. Pierre

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Part 5

No Laughing Matter

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On August 20, 2005, UFC will be presenting one of those rare bouts that can only be described as the perfect match: Georges St. Pierre vs Frank Trigg.

And Georges is also expecting it to be a memorable battle: "I think we match up pretty well and weíre going to put on a great show. Frank talks a lot, so I donít have to talk at all. Heís going to sell the show for both of us," says St. Pierre.

At the time of this interview, Georges is listening to his favourite reggae CD while motoring on to Montreal for a performance of a different kind. "Now is a perfect time for the interview, my friend. Iím on the road, so it is perfect. I can drive, eat, listen to music, and talk to my girlfriend all at the same time Ė no problem."

Both Georges and Frank have suffered defeats against UFCís world welterweight champion, Matt Hughes, with St. Pierre facing Matt at UFC 50, and Trigg challenging Hughes at UFC 45, and more recently at UFC 52. Georges says some aspects of Frankís and Mattís last bout did stand out in his mind.

"I learnt that Frank has a lot of weaknesses and Iím going to capitalise on those weaknesses. I have a special strategy for Frank. I canít reveal what it is, because itís my secret strategy, but I will say that everybody is going to be very surprised."

And Georges is aware that entering their upcoming bout, UFC 54: Boiling Point, Frank will be coming off a loss to Matt, whereas Georges will be coming off his win over Jason Miller at UFC 52.

"I donít think it is an advantage for me because Frank is coming from a loss, and if he is like me, you work a lot harder after the loss. Itís just a plus for him. I think heís very strong mentally and heís going to come back stronger from that loss. So I have to be ready. I think it will make him more dangerous."

Georges, will you looking to take it to the ground?

"Iím going to try to knock him out, standing."

You are both well-rounded fighters, arenít you?

"Yes, but I think Iím more well rounded. The only thing he has over me is that he is more experienced, but at our level I donít really think it will be a big advantage for him. I think I have more tools than he has, Iím more complete, and Iím more athletic. Thatís why Iím going to win Ė because I have a more extensive game."

What will the pace be like? Neither one of you is going to be in there for a slow waltz, are you?

"No, weíre going to take care of business right at the beginning."

Whatís next for you after this match?

"Iím fighting Frank Trigg because I want a rematch with Matt Hughes. The first time I fought Hughes, I was not ready. He beat me fair and square. I have no excuses. But I was not ready at that time. I took the fight because UFC offered it to me and there were no other contenders. Now Iím twice the fighter I was then, and my goal is to be the UFC Welterweight Champion. After I defeat Frank Iím going to take the mike and challenge Matt Hughes. Trigg is the number-one contender, so if I beat him, I become the number-one contender. And theyíre going to give me Hughes Ė probably."

When youíre not training, besides listening to reggae and hip-hop, what else do you do to chill out?

"Iím a big movie buff, and I like to see a good movie and the latest releases, like right now I want to see The War of the Worlds. I go to the cinemas at least twice a week to see the new movies and thatís what I do to relax."

Do you have a favourite movie of all time?

"I donít know, but I can tell you my favourite actor is Tom Hanks. Heís never made a bad movie Ė all his movies are good, and heís a very methodical actor. And although Iím a Mixed Martial Artist, they donít have to be action movies to move me. I like the films with depth that make me think, like Forrest Gump. I think Tom Hanks is the best actor in the world right now. I like action movies too, but then I also like to learn from documentaries."

Georges, where are you driving to now?

"Iím in Montreal driving to a Just for Laughs festival. Iím going to do a number with a stand-up comic here. They invited me to do it, and I thought, ĎWhy not? Itís going to be fun.í Iím only making a brief appearance, but itís going to be on Canadian national TV, and I think it will be funny."

What will Frank Triggís strategy be?

"I think he will want to put me down and groundínípound me. Though the thing is, Iím very good at fighting from my back. I proved that when I fought Matt Hughes. I donít think Iíll have any problem fighting from the ground."

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